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Are ​your outfit’s microfibres destroying the world?

Cheaper clothing made from synthetic fabrics, like polyester, create microfibre pollution that pollutes waterways. At Insho, we choose another approach. [...]


Wool, a warm fabric that’s keeping it cool

Introduction to wool Moving out of winter can be tricky. With cold mornings and hotter days, it can be hard to find the right balance. Whether it is summer suits or winter quilts, wools are incredibly versatile. Read on for some of [...]


Silk: soft, luxurious, lustrous and stronger than steel

Silk Silk has a reputation as one of the most luxurious fabrics, you may have heard “smooth as silk” before as well. Another ancient fabric, silk has origins dating back over 8,500 years. As you might be starting to realise, these natural [...]


Cotton, civilisation’s staple fabric for 5,000 years

Cotton In our earlier post, we looked at why we choose higher quality fabrics in our products. In this post we explore one of the most common materials, cotton. Its commonly used by many brands but why does a single fabric [...]

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