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Styling is about having the right chemistry

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People often ask what the secret to getting styling right is. One of the many answers is getting the right style chemistry. Think of styling like making a gin and tonic, you need the right mix. Too much gin the taste can be too strong and wild. Too much tonic and it can leave your drink feeling bland. So how do you get the right balance? Take some tips from the below examples.

Examples from Olivia Palermo

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In the first outfit, there are easily noticeable elements of both gin and tonic. Both the top and skirt have block colours to give that subtle elegance while the strong contrasting line on the bottom of the skirt with a cute button adds a splash of spice to give the outfit some excitement. The shoes are plain heels but the ankle studs and colour give it the extra edge. To finish off because a lot of the gin is on the bottom part of the outfit, the plain single coloured top is accessorised with a pair of stylish sunglasses and a bold contrasting fur scarf.

However, you don’t always have to use colour to get the right cocktail balance and the black and white ensemble has style written all over it. Again this outfit shows a good balance. The black all over makes up the tonic of the cocktail mix. Add in white print on the skirt, a stand out belt and some modern looking shades, and a boring top is stylish and elegant.

Want to look more dressed up while wearing something casual? Consider this last style example. With an ordinary shirt and muted skirt or pants, this outfit would look dull. See how it is styled with a fur wrap around and suddenly she looks like a star. Don’t have a fur accessory? Not to worry, throw on a big necklace or a bright scarf and you can give your outfit that little bit of spice.

Tell us about how you create chemistry in your outfits in the comment section below.