Fabrics layered across one another

Time to address your wardrobe fabrics

When I was a teenager I would buy clothes based only on how they look in the store. The prettier they looked, the better. They felt uncomfortable in certain areas, and may make me sweat puddles, but it didn’t matter. As I learned more about fabrics however, I’ve changed my approach and this is integral to our design approach at Insho. Our goal is to create clothes that will leave you feeling confident and a crucial part of that formula is the fabrics we select for you.

Behind closed doors

After the parties and the cute dates when I get home I couldn’t wait to get out of my clothes and slip on a comfy alternative. One day, I asked my husband why he doesn’t feel the same way as I do? His response, “I feel comfortable”. He would take my clothes to put into the laundry basket and ask, “How are you so sweaty in a sleeveless dress when I’m in long shirt and pants?”Have you ever noticed how men in the office wearing long sleeve shirts seem to not sweat as much as women in spaghetti strap dresses? The answer has been there all along, fabrics.What was special about my comfortable alternatives? Typically, they are made from natural fabrics. In winter, my favourite sweater at the moment, that I always go to, is made from wool. My favourite clothes are mostly cotton. It seems like I intuitively favour fabrics made from natural fibres.

Investing in your future

Clothes that are made from natural fibres tend to be more expensive. However let me share you an example from another fashion icon, shoes.While he might understand fashion, I was surprised to discover my husband bought expensive shoes. He’s an engineer, he’s rational and he didn’t feel compelled by brands. However, on average his high quality expensive leather shoes that cost between $400-$600 can last 10-20 years, or longer if well looked after. Cheaper shoes that still cost $100-$150 made from fake leather used to last a year at most. For him the justification was simple, he could look better by picking timeless options, while saving money. The trend is similar with clothes.I was convinced and started to pay more attention to my wardrobe composition. Usually, the first clothes to wear out, and within a year or less are those cheaper outfits, typically made from synthetics. Gradually I switched to more natural fabrics and eventually I shopped because I wanted new styles, not because clothes wore out too quickly. I was saving money while buying nicer pieces.

Comfortable confidence is key

On hot days I can sweat. I lived in hot and humid areas but I admit, they aren’t for me. I know I’m not alone and I understand the fear of cross town meetings on a hot day. During a scorching 35 degree day (95 for the Americans), I was afraid when I had to walk to the an important meeting in the hot sun. Thankfully, it was the first time I wore my braid dress.Normally, I would be drowning in sweat when wearing a polyester dress. When I got to the meeting, I was pleasantly surprised when there was not one sign of sweat as I stood in the heat.Looking great gives you confidence and that day I came out with a successful smile on my face. Even my husband commented on the lack of sweat on our dinner date after work. We have all been on dates just thinking about just grinning and bearing the uncomfortable outfits but Insho provides another alternative.

Thinking about fabrics so you don’t have to

Don’t judge a book by its cover. The substance is what counts. Insho doesn’t produce cheap clothing, we produce clothing that people will want to wear everyday but are also comfortable for their biggest events. We select materials carefully so it will help you feel comfortable and confident. Synthetic fabrics have their purposes, for example sportswear, but we’re careful in selecting the right fabric so you’ll feel amazing.Rethinking my wardrobe was the best decision I’ve ever made and with so many advantages I wish I had started earlier. So what are you waiting for ladies? It’s time to address your wardrobe and make a positive change for the future.If you need more help with colour don’t forget to read about staying on trend with colour.